Managing Your Digital Guestbook

Set Up and Personalization

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Once your Digital Guestbook has been set up, you can navigate to My Dashboard, where you can manage anything you need to do.

Invites & Sharing:

When you select 'Invites & Sharing', you are able to send invites to anyone you would like to participate in your Guestbook using either email addresses or phone numbers. You have the option to manually enter contacts, as well as upload a .csv, or even connect a third party address book. You also have the ability to customize what your invites will say before sending. Use our templated language, or make it your own! Once you have entered your contacts, and decided what your invites will say, select the 'Send Invites' button. Your sent invites can then be found at the very bottom of the page, which will let you know if the invites have been successfully delivered or not based on the icon on the right hand side.

If you would like to access your unique Digital Guestbook URL or QR code, simply press the button at the top of the Invites & Sharing page that says 'Guestbook Link & QR Code'.

For additional tips, or templated language you can use on your wedding invitations, save the date cards, wedding websites, and more, visit our Tips & Templates page:

Download Responses:

When you select 'Download Responses', all of your individual Guest responses will be downloaded, including any signature messages you receive.

Order Final Movie:

If you have purchased either a Gold or Diamond Guestbook package, press the 'Order Final Movie' button once you have received all responses, and are ready to receive your Final Movie! With a Diamond package, you'll have the ability to add in any customization requests prior to submission. With a Gold package, your order will be immediately placed, and we'll get to work hand-crafting your forever keepsake. If you are on the Silver Guestbook Package, you will need to upgrade to either Gold or Diamond before gaining the ability to order a Final Movie. At any point, if you would like to upgrade your package level, simply press the 'Order Final Movie' button, where you will be presented with your options for upgrading.


Once you select 'Settings' from My Dashboard, you can view and change your due date, adjust the times at which reminders will be sent to your guests, as well as view your package details.


Below the main 4 buttons in My Dashboard, you will see the 'Responses' section. In the tab marked 'Signatures', you will find your guests' signature page responses. Similar to signing a physical wedding guestbook, the signature responses are text only, and will be the first response from your friends and family before they move into responding to the prompts you have selected.

Guestbook Prompts:

Also located below the 4 main buttons in your Guestbook Dashboard in the 'Responses' section, you will see tabs marked 'Prompt 1', 'Prompt 2, & 'Prompt 3' (depending on how many prompts you established during setup). Upon selection of these tabs, you will see the full guestbook prompt, followed by all video, photo, & text responses to that particular prompt. If you would like to edit, change the order of, or delete any guestbook prompts, contact us at [email protected] and we will get it taken care of.

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