Starting Your Digital Guestbook

Setup and Personalization

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Choose a package

We offer three package types for our Digital Guestbooks. The details of each package can be found on our pricing page:

Once you purchase your Digital Guestbook Package, you will be redirected to our web app, where you will start by creating your account, and then taken through our quick and easy setup process. Make sure you use the same email address to create your account that was used to purchase your package.


The title of your Guestbook explains the purpose of the video to the people submitting responses. The title will be included in invitations, reminders, and in your Final Guestbook Video. A good title should include both names of the couple to be wed.

For example: Jake & Ginny's Wedding Guestbook

Message to Guests:

Your message to guests will be shown to anyone who participates in your Guestbook as soon as they click the link to begin contributing.

For example: Thank you so much for signing our guestbook. It means the world to us! We can’t wait to hear the lovely messages you leave for us
- Love K & J


As you set up your Guestbook, you can determine the prompts to be answered by the people you will invite. You will start with a list of pre-filled prompts that we recommend for weddings. You can then edit the questions in the template, or even write your own from scratch. There is currently a maximum of 3 prompts for all Quilted Guestbooks. You can reorder, delete, add, and edit prompts directly from the prompts step in setup. For our advice on prompts, how to write the most effective prompts, and even a list of our favorite prompts that you are free to use or modify, visit the 'Prompts' section of our Tips & Templates page:

Due Date:

Your Guestbook's due date will give your invitees an idea of when they need to have their responses completed by. It will also determine when reminders will be sent out, which you will have the ability to control in your Settings after setup. We recommend choosing your due date to be at least 1 week after the wedding to get the maximum number of responses. Invitees will have the ability to upload responses once the due date has passed, but will lose the ability to do so once you order your Final Guestbook Video.

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