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Creating and managing your Guestbook
Setting up and personalizing invitations
Setting up and personalizing invitations
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There are multiple ways to invite people to participate in your Digital Guestbook. The first of which is to navigate to My Dashboard. Then, select the 'Invites & Sharing' button:

From the Invites & Sharing page, you have several options. You can first determine what you would like your invites to say, as well as determine your signature:

Then, you can add contacts individually, upload a .csv, or import from an address book.

Once your contacts are all added in, press the 'Send Invites' button:

Any invites that you send can then be found in the 'Sent Invites' section at the bottom of your screen:

You also have the option of sharing your unique Guestbook URL and QR Code at any point. To do this, simply select the 'Guestbook Link & QR Code' button located at the top of the Invites page.

For more tips on invitations, and templates you can use to get the best results, visit our Tips & Templates page:

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