Once your project has been launched, your project dashboard will help you manage your Quilted project.

Your Contributors:

When you select “Your Contributors”, you are able to see the people you have invited to contribute to your project and whether they've responded with video submissions. Also, you can access the link to invite additional people.

Send More Invites:

When you select “Send More Invites”, you are able to add more people to be invited by entering their email or phone number


When you select “FAQ”, you are able to see frequently asked questions to guide you throughout your Quilted project.


When you select “Settings”, you are able to edit the times reminders are sent to contributors, as well as adjust your due date.

Play Videos:

When you select “Play Videos”, you are able to see the video submissions contributed thus far.

Request Final Movie:

When you select “Request Final Movie”, you are notifying the Quilted team you are ready for the final quilted movie. Requesting Final Movie includes determining purchase details.

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