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What is Quilted?
What does a Final Movie look like? Can I customize it?
What does a Final Movie look like? Can I customize it?

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A Final Movie will compile all of your Guest responses into a Full HD (1920x1080) downloadable video. The intro, ending, and breaks between video submissions will feature text corresponding to the prompt questions and the title you gave your story project. Finally, the end of your video will consist of all Signature responses from your Guests.

By purchasing a Diamond Digital Guestbook Package, you will have the ability to customize your Final Movie once you are ready to order it. Our Diamond Digital Guestbook Package also gives you two rounds of revisions, so you can make sure it's everything you hoped it would be, and more.

Want a better idea of what a Quilted Final Movie looks like? Watch an excerpt below from a Gold Digital Guestbook Package. Most Final Movies range between 30-120 minutes long, but can be shorter or longer depending on number of invites sent and responses received.

For more on how to get the best results, visit our Tips & Templates page.

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